Financing Your Home

Jan. 30, 2018

New Report: 61% of First-time Buyers Made a Down Payment of 6% or Less

One of the biggest hurdles that potential buyers have to overcome on the road to homeownership is saving for a down payment. Traditionally, you needed a 20% down payment in order to secure a loan and purchase a property. And for many people dreaming of buying property, this large up-front ...

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Nov. 21, 2017

9 Ways Home Flipping Shows Mislead Viewers

We all know the premise of home-flipping shows: An investor buys a veritable dump and then, with the help of a team of ready-and-willing contractors and landscapers, transforms it into the best-looking home on the block. Next, that intrepid buyer turns around and sells it for a hefty profit. Sounds ...

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Nov. 5, 2017

How To Buy A House (Even If You Have a Less-Than-Perfect Credit Score)

Buying a home is, for many people, an essential part of the American dream. But for people with a checkered financial history - and a less-than-perfect credit score - it can feel like a dream that's out of their reach. But just because you don't have a perfect credit store ...

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Oct. 29, 2017


Why Do Real Estate Agents Ask If You’re Pre-approved?

Have you ever walked into an open house, or called a real estate agent about a listing, and within minutes, they’re asking you if you are “pre-approved” for a mortgage? If you haven’t, then you have never walked into an open ...

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Dec. 12, 2016

The Tale of Two Interest Rates

We have enjoyed a remarkable period of low Mortgage Interest Rates but recent action by the Feds indicates that may be changing. This ultimately can affect your Purchase Power in a dramatic way meaning that all things equal the home you could afford last month may be out of reach tomorrow ...

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